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-About Documentation, Research and Action Center of Ikaria

From Ap.Dimopoulos archive

From Ap.Dimopoulos archive

The Documentation, Research and Action Center of Ikaria is  a non-profit organization, established in 2012 and based at the village of Katafygi, in the Greek island of Ikaria.

The boarding committee of this research center is consisted by locals and researchers who come from different backgrounds. Through their collaboration they aim at creating the conditions for an equal and respectful exchange between locals and researchers, for the advantage of both sides.

More specifically, the aims of the Documentation, Research and Action Center of Ikaria are:

– the digital documentation of aspects of Ikarian society, of the unique local culture and inter-generational knowledge, biodiversity and local history. The aim of such a documentation is to make accessible an immense bulk of knowledge.

– the enabling of local participation in the ‘construction’ of knowledge, and by thus doing, the representation of multiple voices that are not usually taken into consideration in decision-making processes relevant to developmental plans, from ‘the top’. Such processes – as the experience of other local communities demonstrate- bring about the loss of community control over ecosystems, the loss of the relevant intergenerational knowledge, the loss of livelihoods, the erosion of local cultures and ways of life and the undemining of environmental, food and health security.

– the development of a ‘Community Protocol from the ‘bottom’, so as to engage local people in the development and implementation of laws and policies that affect their communal land, their natural resources and their ways of life. Another aim of a ‘Community Protocol’ is the acknowledgment and enforcement by the State of customary laws and values and of the existing rights that are related to the use of communal resources and which, in our days have been marginalized in the name of national interest and economic development.

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